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EPUB to Kindle
Convert EPUB to your e-book reader

Prepare your EPUB for Kindle

EPUB is the best modern format for electronic publication and Kindle (read our article about Amazon Kindle devices) is one of the best e-book reader. Our converter helps you to cooperate these two beautiful things.

EPUB to Kindle converter allows you to:
— Look through the book covers in EPUB format available on your computer.
— Check properties of these EPUB books (author, title etc).
— Convert one or several EPUB files to MOBI files into folder on your computer
— Convert your EPUB files and upload them to Kindle device.

Please, read our guide "How to convert EPUB files to Kindle?" for more information.

Kindle collections

The Kindle device offers a great opportunity to organize your files into 'Collections'. It allows you to see the list of your collections on the main page instead of browsing through a bunch of pages of uploaded files. Clicking the collection name, you will see the list of documents it contains. Unfortunately, the only way to make file collection is to use the Kindle UI and it is very inconvenient. So you need a feature to manage collections from your computer.

Our software suggests way to manage your Kindle collections on the PC.

System Requirements

To use EPUB to Kindle converter you need a computer with Intel / AMD compatible processor and Windows OS (XP, 2003, Vista, Seven) installed.

Our software requires only 1 MB of free disk space to be installed.

Free ebooks in the internet.

There are few sites in the internet, which offer free (and not free) ebooks, for example: ePub Books or Feedbooks. Also there are many sites, which trades books in digital formats (ePub most often), for example: Kobo or eBooks.com and so on.

But biggest collection of a free ebooks is "Google books". On this site you can find millions free e-books. Free e-books represents in PDF and EPUB formats. You can use our converter to prepare this free EPUBs for reading on your Kindle device.

And we prepare guide to help you find free e-books: "How to find free EPUBs for your Kindle in Google books?"